Home page The father of 9 children struggling for his life. Need help today!

The father of 9 children struggling for his life. Need help today!

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The father of 9 children struggling for his life. Need help today!

What's happening?

... These are words that are really hard for me to say. I always aimed to be someone who assists, who backs, who donates, and who actively takes part in the community. But now I find myself in a different situation. Today I need help myself.    

A year ago, I was faced with a frightening diagnosis - stage three melanoma - and my life changed dramatically. This type of cancer is severe and can deeply affect someone both physically and emotionally, requiring urgent and immediate aggressive treatment. Upon receiving the news, my life shifted drastically and has since been a constant fight for survival.

At first, I experienced unbearable pain and did not understand what was happening. I had to endure numerous painful tests and procedures ahead of me.  Currently, I am undergoing immunotherapy, which produces intense side effects causing me to feel fatigued, nauseous, loss of appetite, and general weakness. I am unable to work entirely, and I barely function for 2-3 hours per day. After receiving multiple rounds of immunotherapy, I am waiting for surgery. I am unable to move and cannot support my family. We are spending all our money on fighting this awful illness.

I am the head of a family and the father of nine children. My family has always been the most important thing in my life, they stand by me, support me and believe in me. Unfortunately, my illness has weakened me, and I'm unable to manage my business like I used to. The business used to give us a decent life, but now it's in danger of failing.

Due to my health condition, I had to quit my job and join the family business, which not only brings income but also cares for my large family. Before my illness, I had taken out a development loan. I had big plans for the business growth. However, now I face a huge debt and a terrible prospect: because of the accumulated debt, the bank may take away our apartment and we will be left on the street.

My family is my pride and joy and the most valuable thing I have. Unfortunately, my younger children are too young to help financially, and the older ones, although they help, need support and care for themselves as they try to study and build their future.

I tried hard to be strong and supportive of my family and those around me, but now I am powerless. The truth is, I need monetary assistance. We need $50,000 to ensure that this awful disease does not take away my family's home and leave us homeless.

I need to go through two more rounds of intense immunotherapy, followed by surgery, which will leave me unable to work for a long time. We face severe financial difficulties and cannot pay off our debts alone. I've asked everyone who might be able to help, and our community has already contributed a lot, but it's not enough to escape our terrible fate.

This is the toughest letter I've ever written. I feel embarrassed to ask for aid, but currently, we have no other alternative. My family and I are on the verge of a crisis, and every bit of support makes a huge difference right now.

Fundraising goal

We decided to help a respected community member and father of 9 children to cope during such a difficult time as he fights for his life.

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