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Assistance rule


According to the rules established by the board of the foundation, Yad Yitzhok helps halachic Jews - Jews on the maternal side. (Families where both spouses are halachic Jews.)
Assistance rule


According to the law, Yad Yitzhok provides assistance to Israeli citizens regardless of permanent residence if that they have an Israeli bank account. We also assist persons who are not citizens of Israel but live there permanently with an Israeli bank account.
Assistance rule


In most cases, Yad Yitzhok does not have the opportunity to provide immediate assistance. We organize fundraising for specific needs. This process takes from two months to six months. You should take this into account when asking for help. Exceptions are negotiated individually after reviewing the documents, but we do not give guarantees.
Assistance rule


Food and holiday assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and depends on the number of requests and our capabilities at the time of your request.
Assistance rule


At this time the foundation excludes the provision of regular support. Yad Yitzhok's job is to identify the source of trouble and find a way out. We want people to realize their potential and we are ready to help in this.
Assistance rule


The application will be considered only if all necessary documents are available. So, please, collect all the necessary package before you send your application.
If you need ONLY Consulting support, please write your question in the chat.
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