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In Touch with Heroes: Amplifying Our Support

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In Touch with Heroes: Amplifying Our Support

What's happening?

At the Gaza border, amidst the turmoil, our Yad Yitzchok Foundation volunteers have stood with the brave men and women defending our nation. Their resilience in the face of adversity inspires us to ensure they never feel alone. Our mission is to support them, showing that a nation stands grateful for their bravery.

Our Achievements: We're proud of the strides we've made in supporting our IDF soldiers, with significant funds already making a real difference. Here's how we've allocated our resources:

  • Tactical Helmets: 100 units at 1,300 NIS each = 130,000 NIS
  • Bulletproof Vests: 100 units at 3,100 NIS each = 310,000 NIS
  • Tourniquets: 200 units at 20 NIS each = 4,000 NIS
  • Flashlights: 46 units at 40 NIS each = 1,840 NIS
  • Additional Support: Including meals, hygiene products, and connectivity accessories, approximately 30,000 NIS
  • Total Spent: 475,840 NIS

Funding Our Mission: A significant portion of our funds has been raised through the generosity of private donors. However, to cover the remaining expenses and fully realize our plans, we need an additional 200,000 NIS. Your support can help bridge this gap, ensuring our soldiers receive the care and recognition they deserve.

How You Can Help: We invite you to contribute to our cause, helping us reach our goal of an additional 200,000 NIS to support our brave defenders. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to achieving our mission.


Fundraising goal

Fundraising to help IDF soldiers and civilians affected by war

Attention all those who make transfers outside the site:

bit - there is a bit payment option on the credit card payment page on the site

Bank transfer inside Israel

Bank: Leumi (10)

Office: Ramat Eshkol (snif 905)

Acc#: 67230054

Beneficiar: יד יצחק יוצאי רוסיה

Bank transfer outside Israel

Registration number: 580599934

Beneficiar: Yad Yitzchok iocei Rusia

Address: Harav Moshe Ben Tov 6, Jerusalem, Israel

Bank name: Bank Leumi B.M.

Branch number: 905

Account number: 67230054

IBAN: IL310109050000067230054


Важно знать:

Пожертвования на этот проект могут быть списаны с налогов в Израиле (по статье 46) и в США в соответствии с нашими Условиями использования

49409.50  raised to the aim  49400
219 donated
27 shared
Ариэлла М
17 18-03-2024
Pavlo S
81 04-03-2024
Екатерина Г
100 27-02-2024
אולגה ו
50 24-02-2024
אריה לייב ר
50 19-02-2024

End of collection date: 18-03-2024

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+972 58-5692600

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Мэрия Иерусалима

Мэрия Сдерота

Мэрия Офаким

Мэрия Ришон ЛеЦион


Вдохновляющие истории людей, которым мы вместе помогли

Отзыв Ирины, мамы Майи

Фонд Йад Ицхак: благодарность от Йоэля

Фонд Йад Ицхак: благодарность от Миланы.


Финансовые отчеты о проделанной работе и достигнутых целях


Поступления: 1 000 000

Остаток на счету: 100 000

Всего расходов: 900 000

Скачать II-квартал-2024-го-года-_Final_.pdf


Michael Nizovskiy
We brought protective equipment for our special forces
Michael Nizovskiy
2 weeks ago we brought 30 warm jackets to our guys at the base. Now we have received a request for 50 more! The cost of each jacket is 235 shekels, i.e. in total we need 11,750 shekels. An insulated waterproof jacket will protect our soldiers from rain and wind. Agree, in such conditions it is much easier for the guys to protect us.
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