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In touch with the heroes: your assistance in action

In touch with the heroes: your assistance in action

What's happening?

On the Gaza border, in the epicenter of the fighting, our colleagues and volunteers met with the young defenders of our country - guys and girls who remain optimistic despite all the hardships and horrors of war.

All there: shooting, explosions, destruction, and the worst of it all - dead comrades who have not yet been taken away.

These heroes are standing in the defense of our home, our peace, our freedom.

Our mission is to remind them they are not alone and support them. We stand alongside them with millions of other people, grateful for their bravery and determined to help.

When we help soldiers, we aren't doing it blindly. We are in touch with the bases. We're aware of the specific demands of individual units in real time. We know the present state of food and hygiene supplies and any shortages on the bases. Our volunteers are in contact with various bases throughout the country and can transport whatever is required.

Moreover, we deliver our purchases to soldiers by ambulance, allowing us to take rations to various places in Israel where regular vehicles are not allowed due to wartime restrictions.

We are talking about hot food, personal hygiene items, underwear, cigarettes, various chargers, water, snacks, etc., warm clothes (because they fight at night), and protection.

We are also determined to help those affected by the war.


We wanted to share the first results of our mutual help to the soldiers. We bought the following items with the money we collected:

- For 8005 shekels we bought 50 powerbanks, cables, adapters for chargers, and power tees, so that our soldiers could always be in touch with their families.

- 5,940 shekels were used to buy cigarettes

- Soda, mineral water and sweet water were purchased for 595 shekels

- for 7,000 shekels we ordered chicken for hot lunches.

- 1500 bought board games

- Collected and distributed 150 rations (with personal hygiene items, underwear and snacks) in the total amount of about 30,000 shekels

Your contributions go directly to the front lines, strengthening the spirit and well-being of our defenders. Thank you for your support!

Fundraising goal

Fundraising to help IDF soldiers and civilians affected by war

Attention all those who make transfers outside the site:

bit - there is a bit payment option on the credit card payment page on the site

Bank transfer inside Israel

Bank: Leumi (10)

Office: Ramat Eshkol (snif 905)

Acc#: 67230054

Beneficiar: יד יצחק יוצאי רוסיה

Bank transfer outside Israel

Registration number: 580599934

Beneficiar: Yad Yitzchok iocei Rusia

Address: Harav Moshe Ben Tov 6, Jerusalem, Israel

Bank name: Bank Leumi B.M.

Branch number: 905

Account number: 67230054

IBAN: IL310109050000067230054


47130.50  raised to the aim  200000
200 donated
22 shared
Valentin R
500 05-12-2023
מרים א
50 03-12-2023
Eugene M
100 01-12-2023
Yosef G
5 29-11-2023
מרינה ק
200 28-11-2023
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