Home page Let's Bring Smiles to War Heroes: Purim Collection for Wounded Soldiers

Let's Bring Smiles to War Heroes: Purim Collection for Wounded Soldiers

Let's Bring Smiles to War Heroes: Purim Collection for Wounded Soldiers

What's happening?

With Purim approaching! This holiday should bring joy to every home. But what about those who are forced to meet it far from their own walls?

The person, whose face we have concealed for security reasons, is a young IDF soldier. Let's call him Yosef. Despite the consequences shrapnel wounds, he finds the strength to communicate, smile, and even joke. Yosef is eagerly awaiting Purim, a festival of merriment and joy. He believes that it is joy that helps us through trials.

We do not reveal our hero's real name and hide his face, following military censorship rules. He was serving in a group of five tank corps soldiers in Khan Yunis when his unit was attacked. Under RPG fire, Yosef received shrapnel wounds but found the strength to help paramedics save his wounded comrades. Thanks to their coordinated actions, everyone survived.

Today, Yosef is in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He is visited by his wife and two children – all eagerly awaiting his return home.

The Yad Yitzchak Foundation is opening a donation collection to make gifts for heroes like Yosef. For 60 IDF soldiers who have been wounded and are being treated in three hospitals. Together, we will bring the holiday and give attention to those who sacrificed their health for our safety and freedom.

The goal of the collection is 11,000 shekels to purchase mishloach manot – traditional Purim gift baskets filled with treats. They symbolize our collective gratitude to the heroes, our support, and thanks for their sacrifice. For your generosity, you will receive photos of soldiers receiving mishloach manot, and you will see the result of your kind act firsthand.

Purim traditionally symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Let's unite to make those fighting on the side of good feel needed and happy.

Happy Purim!

Fundraising goal

Fundraising to purchase mishloach manot - traditional Purim gift baskets for wounded soldiers

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