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Helping civilians in Southern Israel

Helping civilians in Southern Israel

What's happening?

Friends, support our new initiative!

We admire the bravery and courage of the people of Southern Israel!! They were the first to face the fire and horrors of this war. They are still coping with the consequences of the conflict and are in a difficult financial situation due to current events.

Our mission is to provide support and financial assistance to those who remain in southern Israel and those who have left their homes due to circumstances. Both single people and families with children. We want to help those who have survived the horrors of terror and are forced to live under the constant blasts and sirens.

Every contribution is important and will make a difference in the lives of those affected by this war.

We realize how important every little bit of help is in these difficult days. If you need this support yourself or know someone who needs it, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can overcome difficulties and help those who need it most at the moment.

Donations collected through this initiative will go directly to providing financial support to those in need. 

Please join us!

Thank you for showing solidarity and helping these families. Only together we are strong!

Fundraising goal

Fundraising to help civilians in Southern Israel affected by the ongoing hostilities

Note to all those who make transfers off site:

bit - there is a bit payment option on the credit card payment page on the site

Bank transfer within Israel

Bank: Leumi (10)

Office: Ramat Eshkol (snif 905)

Acc#: 67230054

Beneficiar: יד יצחק יוצאי רוסיה

Bank transfer outside Israel

Registration number: 580599934

Beneficiar: Yad Yitzchok iocei Rusia

Address: Harav Moshe Ben Tov 6, Jerusalem, Israel

Bank name: Bank Leumi B.M.

Branch number: 905

Account number: 67230054

IBAN: IL310109050000067230054


7500  raised to the aim  200000
45 donated
8 shared
פבל א
200 04-12-2023
Yana K
50 30-11-2023
Sergiy M
50 30-11-2023
Yosef G
5 29-11-2023
Виталий П
5 21-11-2023
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