Two strokes is not a reason to stop. History of helping Michael

Many people know Michael Gimpelevich as a very active volunteer,who helped here and there, and gave advice to those, and directed them to the right place. For 18 years in Israel, was engaged in volunteer work in various foundations and was always sensitive to requests for help and troubles of other people.

But in 2021 he needed help himself.

Two strokes. A microinfarction. Disability for the rest of his life.

An almost total loss of the ability to walk.

To just get out of bed, it takes a tremendous amount of effort. And Mikhail is the kind of person who is used to walking and even running, solving the many problems of people in need.

The course of rehabilitation after strokes is a long, expensive and very hard work. Doctors, physical therapy, training and pain.

Mikhail has no money savings. He lives alone, renting an apartment. His only daughter is far away, she has her own family and no opportunity to make expensive purchases.

He is receiving rental assistance from Bituach Leumi and his doctor recommended an electric car as the only way for him to get moving again.But Michael’s diagnosis doesn’t allow him to get one for free, only to buy one.

But that’s too expensive..

Many people in such circumstances would have fallen into despair and angry at fate. But not Mikhail.

Friends and acquaintances helped to collect the first payment for the electric car. Thankfully, a lot of people remained grateful to him. We to were able to finally solve the problem by raising just under 10,000 shekels to buy an electric car . More precisely, you were able to do it!



Good evening dear friends!

Mikhail Gimpelevich is writing to you. I am 62 years old. I have been in Israel since 93 years.

I want to say thank you very much to all those who helped me and you, my dear employees of the Yad Yitzhok Foundation.

After two strokes, I can’t walk very well. So many friends turned away from me. And only you helped.

I cannot help people.

This car gave me back my joy and brought me back to life.

You are righteous people and God give you all health and prosperity

Praying for you every day.

Thank you 100 times!

Yours M. Gimpelevich



Thank you for what you are doing real miracles! We are happy that we can ccome to the aid of people who need it. Your generosity and sincerity inspire us to continue to help those in need.

Here we will continue to tell you about our shared successes.