Gratitude from Milana

Last month, we joined forces to raise funds to help Milana Shabayeva.

Milana is a mother of two who has been struggling to cope with the complexities of her divorce over the past few years. She needs to hold on for two more months before the court orders her ex-husband to start paying alimony.

My colleagues and I have made it our goal to support Milana through this difficult period by providing her with the necessary help and support. Thanks to your invaluable contributions, we were able to raise well over the amount needed. However, despite this, these funds are still desperately needed to support Milana in her challenging situation.

A thank you from Milana:


Thank you for making real miracles happen! We are happy to help people in need. Your generosity and sincerity inspire us to continue helping the needy.

We will keep telling you about our common achievements here.