See my son’s wedding

Every day we get dozens of letters asking for help in difficult situations. But letters from fathers are always especially touching.

“”I am forced to turn to you for help because I am in desperate need of help. Believe me. Before, I would rather vanish into thin air than admit it. BBut today it is the only way out in this situation, because I have done everything!” – Yaakov Yosef Shifrin, father of a yeshiva student who met a girl and wanted to get married, wrote us.

Yaakov Yosef came to Israel 28 years ago, confirmed his degree and successfully worked as a programmer. He supported his wife and six children. But a year and a half ago he lost his vision – at first he went completely blind, but after several surgeries the function of one eye was partially recovered.

Yakov Yosef cannot work at all, and his wife, a kindergarten teacher, actually supports a family of eight on her own. The man says he is looking for work and is not sitting idly by, but in his situation it is not easy to find work at all.

“Until recently, I thought the sun and good news would never visit my home. But, unexpectedly, good news was in our family. My son, who is studying in yeshiva, is getting married to a Jewish girl of good character,” – Yaakov Yosef continues.

The news was good, but the family had no money for even the most modest celebration. Only then was he forced to turn to the Yad Yitzhak Foundation for help.

We, of course, responded and announced a fundraising goal of 14,000 shekels for a father who dreamed of seeing his son get married. And in less than two months, the goal was achieved, with 96 benefactors, some at 100 and some at 1,000, making the celebration possible.

God bless everyone who helped me!

After all my problems with my eyesight, with my income, there was still my son’s wedding and that’s an even bigger expense. Now that I have received help from Yad Yitzhak, much of my problems have been solved and I literally feel better to breathe.

Thanks to everyone who helped me!

Yaakov Yosef Shifrin



hank you for what you do a real miracle! We are happy that we can come to the aid of people who need it. Your generosity and sincerity inspire us to continue to help those in need.

Here we will continue to tell you about our shared successes.