Karina and Vladimir’s wedding

Thanks from Karina and Vladimir.

“We would like to express our family’s gratitude to the Yad Yitzchok Foundation. Due to this organization, which immediately responded to our request to help with the wedding, you realize that there are so many good people willing to do hesed and tzedakah, you see the hand of God and how great He is! We are two young repatriates who are starting to create our family in Israel, and this kind of help is priceless!”

Note that Karina is a student, and Vladimir works at school. Both of them before the wedding lived in dormitories, Karina besides studying was working part-time. “Now we have a lot of expenses. The wedding ceremony and celebration are the most modest. Home furnishings: dishes, pots, pans (of course, two sets for the kosher kitchen), linens, and much more, so-called necessary to turn the walls of the apartment into a Jewish home. We have most of the money. Our parents, despite living away from Israel, have helped as much as they can. We badly need your help. Kindly support us in making the basis of a Jewish home and starting a life without debt,” Karina wrote at the time.


Thank you for making real miracles happen! We are happy to help people in need. Your generosity and sincerity inspire us to continue helping the needy.

We will keep telling you about our common achievements here.