Autumn Holidays 2022

The fall holidays are over, and Israel is back in the daily routine.

We really appreciate your support. Although the crisis is over, and almost everyone is affected in one way or another by financial problems, you keep supporting people who are having a particularly difficult time.

In the autumn holidays for Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Kaparot online, thanks to you, we provided financial support to 148 families. In additionwe made a financial contribution to a project headed by Rabbi Moshe Gekreiter to distribute food kits, as a result of which we helped 260 more families.

All in all 408 families received our help, which makes 3000 people. Just imagine, that’s like 60 full coaches forming a kilometer-long convoy! All thanks to you.

A special word of gratitude we want to pass on from the heads of the communities, who received the aid. In particular from R. Baruch Sheinin (Ashdod), R. Aryeh Voytalovsky (Ramle), R. Dav Burdan (Haifa), R. Moshe Gekreiter and R. Yaakov Boom (Beitar, Jerusalem), R. Michael Postanovitch and R. Alexander Khmelnitsky (Modiin Ilit).

Feedback from the Community of Rabbi. Khmelnitsky

We thank you for keeping supporting needy people along with us. Together we are strong!


We thank you for doing real miracles! It makes us happy that we are able to help people in need.Your kindness and generosity inspire us to keep helping those in need.

We’ll continue to tell you about our shared successes here.