Once Yosef didn’t return home, then Avigal found out about his death.

… I was happily married to Yosef. We were best friends and always supported each other…”

It was four years ago when they and their 3 children moved to Israel from Georgia to pursue their happy life. However, on their 10th wedding anniversary, everything changed. Yosef didn’t return home from work, and Avigal found out about his death in a terrible car accident.

It was an extremely tragic loss for her. She had difficulty coping with the grief and loneliness of not having anyone left except her children.

“…I was completely heartbroken after losing my husband and was depressed for a year. Once I was sitting in the kitchen crying. My kids came in, and I realized that in remembrance of my husband, I owed it to him to move on. By all means, I must keep going forward in life and provide the kids with the level that we wanted to give them. With Yosef…”

Currently, Avigal is struggling to cope with her grief and continue with her life. She is determined to confirm all of her diplomas and pursue a career in Israel. Her major is child psychology.

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