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One of the three foundations of the world is kindness, the ability to compassion the criterion of the morality of the soul. By helping our neighbor, we become like God, who created the world in order to share his blessing.
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What are we doing?
What are we doing?
The Yad Yitzhok Foundation has been helping needy repatriates and their families for 6.5 years.
Why do our sponsors stay with us all this time?
We provide targeted assistance and carefully check everyone who contacts us.
We don't just give money for a temporary solution, we make a plan to get out of the crisis.
We provide not only financial assistance, but also advise everyone who has such a need.
The Foundation has an important mission and goals, which we successfully fulfill by implementing all the projects we take on.
Everything we do is aimed at integrating repatriates into Israeli society and at uniting Jews regardless of their country of origin.
Together with our benefactors, we are building a new prosperous future according to our faith and all the commandments that God has given us.
We appreciate any assistance and thank everyone who provides it.

You too can become part of the community and care for the well-being of your neighbors and the future for all Jews.

How do we help?

Assistance is distributed as follows:
Payment of expenses Payment of expenses for the basic needs of needy Jewish families: electricity, water, medicines, furniture, clothes, heaters, etc. - "love thy neighbour".
Wedding Full or partial payment of expenses for the organization of weddings - “ahnasat kala”, to marry the bride.
childbirth Assistance to women in labor and their families with free lunches and dinners.
Feed the hungry Weekly help on Shabbat - "feed the hungry."
Education Assistance in getting an education - we give a "fishing rod, not a fish."
How do we help?
Become a part of our community
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