Israel &Inna

We would like to express our tremendous gratitude to the Yad Yitzhak Foundation for the wonderful decorations at the wedding. Everything was just beautiful. The flowers on the tables were so lovely, and the kallah's chair was just a dream! Thank you so much for all your help and support! November, 2017

Natan and Ruth.

We would like to express our gratitude to the YAD YITZHAK fund! And personally to Zahava for assisting us in raising the funds for our children's wedding, Natan and Ruth.  Everything was so professionally done! A huge thank you. E. Family September, 2017

Shmuel & Yocheved.

Shalom, I am so grateful to everyone for their help! May G-d bless you, the foundation and of course the people who helped us. May you continue to strengthen people with your noble occupation- helping young couples start a new life together. I know on myself how it feels to be supported at such a happy time in my life, it's a truly gracious act of kindness. Shumel December, 2017

Moshe Shimon & Rina.

We are so grateful to the Yad Yitzhak organization for their help and everyone else who helped raise funds for our wedding. Thank you to those who care about other people and their stories. Thank G-d, we have settled in the country and are ready to help other young couples, who have just arrived in a strange land and decided to start a Jewish family. It is a great mitzvah to help build a Jewish home! October, 2017

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