Special cases

Roitman family, Jerusalem


Exactly one year ago, on the eve of Hanukkah, we opened a fundraiser to help the parents of Chaim Roitman.

As a result of our joint efforts, we managed to collect 58,518 shekels. 

yes Over the past year, thanks to our help, they: 

  • closed debts paid 
  • for the operation for Chaim 
  • acquired a hearing aid paid 
  • visits to a psychiatrist 

 The family was able to recover a bit, take a break after a long race for survival. Chaim is now recovering from operations that he had previously rescheduled (and several more in turn), Mom and Dad are still struggling to provide for their families, it is still not easy, but this does not compare with the situation they were in a year ago when they were on the verge of bankruptcy. And best of all, they have not lost their supply of optimism and faith and hope that everything will be fine בעז"ה. 

Thank you for being with us! 

heart A word of gratitude! (Russin & Hebrow)


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