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We have exactly a week to help fifty families in need!

Yad Yitzchok has started it’s new project “Chesed to the Max” , which will be viable only through your support​.

Our goal is to maximize our reach, in order to benefit more families. To that extent, we are procuring groceries directly from the wholesalers at lowest possible prices, repackaging the products and delivering the food packages to the families.

Advantages of the project:

  1. Instead of helping with money, we are delivering ready made shopping, which is a higher lever of fulfilling the mitzvah.
  2. No need to waste time for picking up the money and doing shopping. Many of our protégés are Torah scholars whose time is extremely​ voluble, so we gladly do the job for them.
  3. We’re able to help more people, while operating with the same budget.

For example: for NIS 100 received from our organization a person will be able to buy 10 kilos of groceries. Since we’re paying wholesale prices, we are able to purchase 20-30 kilos of groceries with the same amount of money.

With each shekel donated you are doing three mitzvot  at once: giving charity, feeding the hungry and allowing another Jew to have a shabbat meal.  As we know, money spent for Shabbat and Yom Tov celebrations are always repaid.

For a family of five, two adults and three children, the package contains:

2 bottles of oil

2 kg rice

1 kg buckwheat

2 pkg. sugar

2 pkg. flour

2 kg fish

2 kg chicken

3 cans of tuna

2 kg corn schnitzel

2 pkg. macaroni

2 kg ground turkey 

2 bottles of grape juice


Thank you for being with us

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