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The Yad Yitzhak fund, with Hashem's help and your support, we will assist needy families properly greet the holy Shabbos!


Within the next week, our goal is to raise funds for the purchase of at least 50 food packages!

And together we can do this!


By helping these families, you are fulfilling the commandment of "feeding the hungry."

As you know, in the "Book of Life" it is written and then is sealed, a final sentence of what will be in the upcoming year for each of us, including our finances.  

Though among the benefits that G-d allots us, Shabbos and holiday spendings are not included. (Tractate Beitza, page 16א).


Each package includes enough for two parents and three children:


2 bottles of vegetable oil

2 kg rice

1 kg of buckwheat

2 packages of sugar

2 packages of flour

2 kg fish

2 chickens

3 cans of tuna

2 kg corn schnitzel

2 packages of pasta 

2 kg of ground turkey

The composition of the package varies depending on the number of family members.

The quantity of products is intended for 2 weeks.

Thank you for being with us

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