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To ask for forgiveness and forgive, special prayers, trumpeting the shofar, tzedaka  all this is the eve of Rosh Hashanah.
When we are preparing for the holidays, we must remember all those who cannot to pay holiday expenses and whose joy cannot be full. Therefore, it is customary to raise funds to buy products for low-income families. It is said in the book of Nehemiah about Rosh Hashanah (8:10): "Go, eat fat and drink sweets, and send gifts to those who are not prepared."
Our sages interpret in many different ways why Rosh Hashanah is two days long. One of the explanations says that on the first day, a person is judged by his own, personal characteristics, as if he were “a lamb which is about to be slaughtered”. On the second day, he is judged by his relationship with the community, i.e. by what he does for the sake of others. On the first day, one can be inscribed, G-d forbid, in the book of death; however, the second day can easily cancel even such a heavy sentence. 
How can you help?

On the eve of the holidays, the demand for a help from low-income families are growing  this is not the time to leave them in trouble! Therefore, during this period, Yad Yitzchok expands support, with the aim of helping needy people to buy food for the holidays: poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables and other basic products. And in Rosh Hashana there are also food attributes  “simanim”, necessary for its implementation. For families with small children, financial assistance includes the cost of baby food, diapers and cereals.

This assistance allows families to spend holidays with a sense of well-being and a little break away from the difficulties that plague them daily.
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