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Charity is the central theme of Megillas Ruth, traditionally read on Shavous. 


The Torah states in regards to Shavous: " And you shall rejoice before Hashem, your G-d, you and your son and your daughter and your male and female servants and the Levite who is in your city, and the stranger and the orphan and the widow who are in your midst..." (Devarim 16:11)


The Yad Yitzhak Foundation has taken it upon themselves to help these families and along with your help, we can go beyond the letter of the law and help the needy in a meaningful way. Following the examples of the heroes in Megillas Ruth, we will show true compassion and kindness. 


The last year was not easy on any one of us, we were tested in many areas of our lives: health, relationships with loved ones, income, etc. But we won! Every day we feel less and less restricted, hopefully soon, the word "pandemic" will no longer be a part of our vocabulary.

And yet, despite the victory, the consequences of the "corona" remain and will continue to accompany many for a long time. However, you and I can ease the plight of these people.

Our task is to help families in need not only for Shavuot, but even a little bit more.

This year, we have selected the families most affected by the disease or restrictions associated with the coronavirus, among them are single mothers who were sent on unpaid leave and did not receive benefits, disabled people and immigrants. Families in the most critical financial condition: layoffs, frozen accounts, etc.

UPD. Dear friends,

Thanks to your immeasurable support (after all, it's not a specific amount, but your participation as a whole), the entire sum necessary to help the 21 families was raised swiftly.

Now, there are still 10 days left until Shavuot. Since on the eve of the holidays, the number of requests is always growing, now is no exception, we took the liberty of continuing to raise funds to help 16 more families.

You are all so wonderful, thank you for being with us!


Thank you for being with us

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