Shushan Purim - Gifts to the Poor (15th of Adar)

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Soon enough we will all be having fun, as is customary on Purim. 


Every Jew is required to rejoice, without exception, regardless of their financial situation. Yet, not every family has the means to fulfill one of the mitzvahs of the day- a festive meal. This is the exact reason why it is customary to give gifts to the poor - matanot laevyonim. We are obligated to give and a minimum of two donations.


For nine consecutive years, Yad Yitzhok, has organized the distribution of gifts to the poor, as per all the halachic requirements, to the needy of Jerusalem and its neighboring cities. 


Yad Yitzhak is giving YOU the chance to fulfill the mizvah of matanot laevyonim until and including the 14th of Adar (February 26). 

Thank you for being with us

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