A disabled girl needs help paying for her studies.

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"Good day everyone!

I am a father of two disabled children, and a widower. I am asking you for your help with my daughter, Olga.

Her mother was seriously ill before her passing, while she dreamed of growing up, studying and creating a medicine that would save her mother’s life.

She graduated from high school with a specialization in biochemistry, then went to college and received a degree in chemistry-technologist, and now she continues her studies in biochemistry, bio-technology at the Open University.

Due to her disability, the daughter is 75% disabled. For her, unfortunately, in this life, many things will be closed off and not feasible. Olga wants so much to receive natural joy from life itself, at least in her studies. For her, this is not only the fulfillment of a childhood dream, but also, her acquired specialty, will make her independent.

However, now, Olga has no money to pay for her studies. She cannot earn anything in addition to her disability benefits. While in college, she tutors privately, but due to the coronavirus she currently has no students. In addition, the University is built of a rigorous and intense program, and much more time is required to study all the courses. Olga helps me look after her brother, who has a disability of 100%, as he needs special care, i.e. assistance in washing, dressing, feeding, and meeting natural needs; whoever has encountered this, knows that it is a very time consuming and difficult job. In addition, it also takes time for her to maintain her own health in her own working condition.

Besides for caring for my son, I work as a tour guide. But for 9 months, due to the pandemic, I have been unemployed.

Olga is a very modest person, she achieves everything on her own, but I convinced her to record a video and turn to the Yad Yitzhak Foundation for help, because now we really can't cope.

I am trying to find money for her to pay for her studies because getting a university education gives my daughter meaning.

I got my first co-vid vaccine. I took advantage of the fact that I am 64 years old. After the second vaccination, I hope to get a part-time job and it will become a little easier. Because of asthma, I have weakened lungs and without vaccinations it is better not to be heroic. My children joke that I have my own House of Invalids and I am the director of it.

I understand very well that getting a university education is a pleasure for citizens, which should be paid for by themselves. And we always did it ourselves. Before the start of the pandemic, we were forced to take a non-bank loan in order to buy out the Amidar, and there is a high interest. Therefore, my children and I give all our benefits to pay for it. We need to hold out for a year. We really miss my part-time job.


M. Ozur"

A video message from Olga herself (Russian):

We checked the family’s data and made sure that, unfortunately, Olga is not eligible for additional support to pay for her studies this year.

Olga has 4 years left to study. The cost of the academic year is 14,000 shekels. The girl will probably receive a scholarship from the university, but this will only happen after full payment for the year. The family hopes to cope on their own next year, but for now Olga needs to close the current academic year and some university courses for next year, which require payment now.


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