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The groom's parents arrived in Israel young and ambitious. Here they raised a large family. And we are not talking about their own children, but also about the community that the family founded and supports for many years in their city.


Community or Kollel- is a “home” where people are happy to come to connect, pray, recharge with spirituality, share knowledge and experiences. A place where you can drop your worries, and just spend time in the company of people who speak your language, whose interests and aspirations are similar to your own. And in order for the community to truly become a “second home”, it is necessary to support each member, sharing in their joys and helping overcome any difficulties.

The groom received his bachelor degree and is now serving in the army, so most of the wedding expenses are left to the parents. Having financial obligations to the community, together with general financial difficulties, the family seeks our help. Unfortunately, they fell into a debt hole, which the economic crisis only worsened.

With one coin, you are fulfilling 3 commandments: “Hachnast kallah”, supporting a Talmid Chacham, and supporting a community.


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