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“Well, honey, now it's all over. We will be home in a few hours,” I told my son when the El Al flight attendant wished everyone a good flight.

After a long search for documents and confirmation of my right to repatriation, working 10 hours a day to survive in the capital city, not understanding my surroundings (I grew up among Muslims and secretly went to the synagogue). "Now everything would be fine, my boy. You were born in Israel, this is your country, your people."

This was my second visit to Israel. The first time I came 7 years ago as a tourist, to get to know Israel, I worked there, I met his father. When their son was born, she left back to return, equipped with the knowledge and full right of being a Jew.

We flew to Ben Gurion at night, and then everything happened like in a dream (a terrible dream). An employee of the Ministry of Absorption prepared the proper documents (teudat oleh, teudat zeut) and when it came to her son’s turn, he said: “The boy was born here, they need to check your status. That’s the Interior Ministry's job, go to them.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs told me that I need to do a DNA test (to confirm that this was my son). Only after that would we receive citizenship. The maternity confirmation took a year and two months. Having a visa for permanent residence, however I did not have the right to work (as I was told by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as when trying to get a job somewhere). How we lived all this time is another story. I can only say that I spent all my savings, sold all my jewelry, and there were always good people who helped us out a lot. Heartful thank you to all of them.

When I brought the results of the examination to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they told me: “Well, we see that this is your son. What about his father?” I replied: "His father is a very good man, an Israeli, his name is so-so, he lives at such and such an address ...". “Fine,” they answered, “then bring us the DNA test for paternity, and then we will grant you citizenship.” And again, we started the process once more: a free lawyer who answers our calls every few months and replies on repeat: “I’m dealing with your issue, it takes time, you have to understand.”

Now we have no money for housing, one wonderful family took us into their home, equipped us with a room in their backroom, I help with the housework and they give us food... Recently, I met a good woman at the playground, she turned out to be a lawyer and decided to help me out on voluntary bases. I made a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and it turned out that from the moment of repatriation I was given citizenship and I could get my Teudat Zeut. Next week, G-d willingly, I’ll get it. Why they didn’t give it to me right away and I was not allowed to work during that time, I do not know, maybe because of my poor Hebrew I did not understand someone back then, but this is not important anymore. Now I can work! Life is going to get better!

But at the moment, I am worried about another matter. My son has always been a strong cheerful boy, but over these two years he has had health problems, he started fainting suddenly, often complains of darkening in his eyes, headaches, feeling weak and unstable. I do not know what’s the matter, I need to go to the doctor and do an examination. The problem is that we do not have the right to go to the health insurance fund, and to be treated privately - there just will not be enough money for that, and besides that we don’t have it. I'm just desperate! I understand that it is necessary to save my son before all of it has gone too far... help, I beg.”

We received this appeal before Shavuot. We checked the reliability of the information, examined the available documents, talked with people who know their story. The conclusion, we need to help this mother and son. The best option now is to get the child travel health insurance, according to which he will be able to consult doctors and undergo examinations. It costs 3 dollars a day. We need to do it right away for several months (before they get their citizenship for him). The bill goes on for days, since the symptoms that his mother describes are very alarming...

Therefore, we opened an urgent case: for medical insurance, purchase of medicines and minimal help with food for this small family. We can still save the child. Thank you to everyone who responds and helps.

Thank you for being with us

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