“You can do it!”, she says to herself every day...

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Camila* was in despair: the person whom she trusted so much, with whom she dreamed of living for many years in love and harmony, turned out to be a cowardly traitor... How hard it was for her to realize this and truly accept it!

Then came the divorce, a lawyer (the fee which had to be divided into payments), and of course the bleak and lonely, cold winter nights. Then she got sick... when she had enough strength, she went to the doctor and he simply shook his head in dismay: "Your case is not simple, it will take time." Two months of treatment and pulling herself out of depression. However, her friends supported, called, sometimes visited, even helped with money and groceries (the ex-husband emptied their joint account, and the paid sick leave was over pretty quickly).

Camila was almost healthy by Purim, though the disease was still there and she felt a bit weak at times, but with some skillfully put on make-up and stylish office clothes, did wonders for her mood and appearances at work. The woman finally went to work, but as it turned out, it was for exactly one day, then quarantine began, and everyone was sent home on unpaid leave. Two more months of loneliness and a shortage of money. “You are a big girl, you can do it,” she repeated to herself every day. But she still had to ask for help, which made it even more difficult!

Why did we open a separate case for Camila? Because she literally has no one else to help her. She is young, healthy (the past illness does not count), and does not receive benefits from the State. She has no relatives in Israel (her ex-husband does not count either). She had to endure a difficult emotional test; that will take much strength to recover. And Camila is a very well-responsive person, according to her friends. It is in our power to support her a little and let her feel the steady ground again beneath her feet.

The payments under question now are - repayment of debt for the apartment, for a lawyer, and for personal debts acquired while in quarantine.

By the way, in May, Camila went to work. We wish her much health and success.


*name has been changed

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