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We know this lady for a long time, almost from the beginning of the Foundation's opening. At any time, even during the most dramatic moments, and unfortunately, there are many, she never stopped bursting with joy. She always would help people out along with us.

There was a case, so she called and made a monthly donation for a "nice" amount, even the very wealthy people rarely do this. We checked with her, “Are you sure?”, implying that a single mother, a new immigrant, without relatives and friends in the country – usually does not lead to large donations, especially consistent ones. However, she replies: “I’m sure that you have those who need this money now. Let it be put to good use."

And happily, so it was, it was not the first year that she successfully was able to provide for her family and help the Fund every month. Our little "angel".

Unfortunately, a terrible situation hit the world, and mixed up everyone's plans and schedules. During quarantine, this lady remained on unpaid leave without the right to benefits, she received only half her alimony. Now she has a debt on her apartment and a communal residence of several months, there is a maximum minus on her account, and her refrigerator holds only the bare minimum to feed her small family. Still all the while, she continues to radiate joy: "The main thing is that we safely survive this period and that everyone is healthy, everything will be fine."

Such positive people are deserving of help, “out of nowhere and from everywhere”, and so we opened a case for her so others can contribute to the process.

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