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They came to Israel 20 years ago: grandmother, mother, Raaya and her daughter. At first, everything went according to the usual pattern, Raaya went to an ulpan, when the course was over, she left the ulpan and went to work as a cleaning lady.

She worked hard for many years, but she did not manage to catch onto the Hebrew language. During this time, her grandmother died, her mother fell ill and moved into to a nursing home, and her daughter grew up and began to live her own life. Raaya began to have serious health problems (in the spine and legs), she received a disability card and a small allowance from the State. She worked part time for several years since the benefits were barely enough to cover the rent for her house, and then to add to her health issues she became completely ill and epilepsy was added to her list of problems.

Her daughter does not communicate with her, the last time she called was a few years ago. Raaya rents a home in a small town in the south of Israel. Those few years that she didn’t work, friends helped her - some with food, some with clothes ... And so, she survived by living off other's kind hearts.

When she turned to the Fund, we checked her documents (accounts, contracts, bank statements) and talked with those who know her.

At the moment, her situation is as follows: an accumulated debt for housing since the beginning of the year, debts for arnona (municipality bill) since August 2019, debts for utility bills (some from last year), the account is in the negative, there is nothing from which to buy medicines and products. Friends can no longer help; the landlord constantly demands that she repay the debt, or she can terminate the contract. She walks with great difficulty; the epilepsy attacks have become more frequent. No one would wish this troublesome situation on even their worst enemy…

What are her prospects? To appeal for disability, to seek social housing or compensation for rent, to seek help from the social service... all this we will help her do. How long it takes is a big question. And now we appeal to all those who care - let's help this lonely, sick woman. Once more, living off other's kind hearts.

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