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A large family has encountered medical problems and needs our help.   

The youngest child in the M. family was born this past fall, he has Down syndrome. The mother has been suffering from erysipelas in her legs over the past few months. The disease is treated with antibiotics and the symptoms subsided, but then the inflammation manifested itself again with renewed vigor. After months of taking various drugs, her immune system weakened, she lost her milk, while her condition continued to worsen.   

After another failure in trying to get rid of the erysipelas, the woman decided to contact a specialized private clinic, which she had been advised to contact for a while now. However, one appointment with the specialist costs 400 shekels. While in total, this mother needs 12 appointments in order to fully recover.

After that, the doctor advised the woman to undergo additional procedures to completely restore the lymphatic system in order to prevent any subsequent reoccurrence of inflammation (10 meetings).

Born right before the youngest child, are a set of twins who are 1.5 years old. The family does not have enough funds to pay for a nanny or daycare, so that the mother may have the opportunity to be treated calmly - it is impossible to go to the doctor’s appointment with a pair of one and a half year old kids who are fully aware of the world. In addition, if they can place the twins into a daycare, the hopefully healthy mother will be able to devote more time and energy to the youngest child who needs special care - check-ups, medical trips, and developmental activities. After all, the more they invest in the baby now, the more he will be adapted to an ordinary life in the future.

Everyone needs a healthy mother, a healthy wife, because the atmosphere in the house depends on her, and in the M. family, their baby with Down syndrome especially needs his mother in her fullest strength.

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