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First of all, would you lend a helping hand: to someone who is already sitting in a deep hole or to someone who is balancing on its edge and is about to fall?

A tough question. We encounter similar ones every day and choose to help everyone we can.

The case that we are talking about is one of those people who are "standing on the edge of the pit" and you get to decide - what will happen next to this family.

A middle-aged woman, lives with her teenage child, works in education, provides normally for her small family. There is no real estate or car, but there is enough for life.

The woman's mother remained in the country of origin, when she finally decided to move to Israel. Hurray! It is always good when loved ones live nearby. Her mother arrived, and they decided to obtain citizenship from Israel (many do so). While preparing the documents, the mother's health deteriorated greatly, and she ended up in the hospital (without citizenship and without medical insurance). The result was sad, her mother could not be saved, and our heroine remained with an obligation to the hospital of 200,000 shekels.

All attempts to pay off debt did not lead to anything (naturally, if you live from paycheck to paycheck), on the contrary, it only increased due to the interest rate. What would you do in this situation?

We can say: “I am not to blame, I am a weak woman, no one helps me, what can I change?”, And leave everything as it is (this is the most logical and simple way, to the “hole”). But there is another way - to look for a solution to the problem (our heroine chose this path). She turned to the Fund, we figured out the specifics of her situation, and a solution was found. Firstly, to get a lawyer who writes off debts. And secondly, it’s finding a financial consultant who will teach her how to properly manage her budget so that there is enough for everything she needs.

We were very lucky with the financial adviser - we found a good specialist and he agreed in this case to help without payment (!). And with the lawyer, the situation is more complicated, we have a wonderful lawyer who, on a charitable basis, conducts very difficult projects for the Fund, but its possibilities are not unlimited. Therefore, in this case, the lawyer will cost money. Therefore, we turn to you for help with the lawyer.

We are talking about paying for a lawyer in the first months (in the future we plan that with the help of a consultant it will be possible to integrate these costs into the family budget).

So, will we give her a chance to fall?

Thank you for being with us

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