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  For many years the woman worked as a substitute teacher for the Ministry of Education in one of the CIS countries. During this time period, she got a divorce and returned to Israel, three years ago.

  One of her children is now serving in the army. In order, to support the family (she does not receive alimony), she works two jobs. More than a year ago, one of the jobs had her salary reduced. And the minus began to increase slightly, as one salary was not enough to cover all the expenses. The woman began to save on everything, which led to a conflict with her teenage child, who was accustomed to a different standard of living. As a result of the quarrel, the child, high on emotions, caused the family a material damage, for which the mother is responsible. 

  This was the last straw: the minus allowed by the bank was out of control, which consequently made it is also impossible for her to get a loan, and after partial repayment of debts, the family has no money left to pay for the apartment and food.

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