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The parents came to Israel 20 years ago, settled in a small settlement, and began to live their life from the ground up. 


Now, Baruch Hashem, they have a large family, which we know have many more expenses. They are incredible people who strive to pass onto their children as much as possible, they have invested so much in them, so they grow up to be Someone. And they have succeeded due to their prayers, desires, aspirations and actions!


Now the time has come to marry off their daughter. They are a modest family, who have never asked for help, but they need it now...


The groom is an orphan by mother, from a large family.


In a large family, they supported each other - it was not easy for them to lose their wife, mother, friend ...

After a long illness of the woman, the father was forced to pay debts for many years, trying to feed the children.


Let's get together and support them!

Thank you for being with us

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