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David and Adi came to Israel 18 years ago through various educational programs. Here they met, got degrees, David served in the army, and the young couple got married. Three children were born into the family. While the father earned money to support the family, Adi was busy raising the children, working part-time, as well as, studying in order to open a small business.


In 2017, David and Adi were offered a job in an educational project in Europe. Understanding that the family would spend several years abroad and many things (equipment, furniture) are not needed, they sold them before they moved. In addition, even though the employer promised to pay for the move, the family, calculating the estimated income, took a mortgage loan for the new place. According to David’s calculations, the loan would have been fully repaid by the time they returned.


Unfortunately, the receiving party did not fulfill their obligations, David and Adi did not receive the promised payment and were forced to spend money on life, from the finds with which they planned to repay the loan. After a year of constant hassle with the employer, the family decided to return home to Israel. And now they again had to start everything from scratch, financing their everyday life, and they still need to feed, clothe and educate their grown children. In addition, the eldest daughter has a strict gluten-free diet, which means additional food costs.


Simultaneously with the return, several events took place in the family that finally undermined the already precarious financial situation: the mother of David, who made aliyah the year before, passed away. And his father developed Parkinson's disease on a nervous basis which requires him to have constant care. David tries to visit his father, who lives in Netanya, as often as possible, even though his family lives near Jerusalem. Naturally, such trips reduce working hours, which, in turn, affects his earnings. David can’t take his father to his place, since he visits the Russian-speaking community (he tries to adhere to the traditions, and have a social environment), and David’s family lives in a Hebrew-English community.


Adi is trying to promote her business, but so far, she has not succeeded - the previously acquired knowledge is not enough and she needs to undergo additional training. Yet, a woman cannot leave her first seed. This is a dream in which a lot of effort, nerves, finances were invested.

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