For many years she has feared for her life!

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Moving to Israel as an adult, Maria began to think about starting a family. She met a man with whom she soon married.  


After a some time, Maria began to notice a strange jealousy.


She endured it for 15 years. At first she patiently waited it out, believing that something was wrong with her. Perhaps, one time, she really did give him a legitimate reason to suspect her? But his envy was manifested literally towards everyone- the landowner of their rented apartment, a previous tenant, the owner of the supermarket nearby, even the bus driver! Questions, scandals and daily searching and prying for some evidence.


Then, Maria began to tolerate it all for the baby, believing it was better for the child to grow up in a complete family. At some point, she turned to a a family consultant asking for help to resolve the conflict with her husband. Together they started to see a psychologist. During one of the visits, the therapist suggested that her husband turn to a psychiatrist, which they did. Actually it was at the psychiatrist, that they discovered that her husband has a psychological disorder, which he needs to own up to and start treating with medication on a daily basis. He refused, promising to hold himself together...


So she continued to wait, but only because she was scared. She was scared of what others would whisper in the streets or say straight to her face. Maria was scared to be left alone. Who said it would be easier living and raising a daughter all by herself, especially since she had health issues of her own? The child needed to be cared for and raised. She felt sorry for her husband, after all he was in such pain from what was happening to him, that he needed help. Though Maria believed, that one day, he would want to get help and all would be fine. Choosing a life with an unhealthy person, she carefully hid it from others. From the time of these events until today, there were so many wrongdoings this woman had endured: bashing insults, mockery of her and her child, assaults, constant checking of her cellphone, digging through her personal belongings and even the trash cans!


And Maria still waited, because she was seriously scared for her and her daughter's life. A few years ago, her husband received a permit to carry a gun for work. In recent years, aggressive attacks have been occurring to him constantly. That is when the threats began. He watched her so carefully and scared her so much, that she feared to take a step in the wrong direction. A person who has been humiliated and insulted for a better part of their life is crushed psychologically and  does not realize that there is still a way out. Maria became more and more withdrawn, afraid to move. Maybe he will find out of her goings to the police before they have enough time to do anything about him and then it will all be too late?


Half a year ago, it was the straw that broke the camels back, Maria had to escape. After spending Shabbos at a friend, they immediately put her in contact with a lawyer. 


The lawyer was able to get a restraining order from this man approaching this woman and her baby. He also removed the man's right to bear arms. After this Maria was able to return home. At the moment, the lawyer is working on her divorce, the process has been dragged out because the husband is absent.


Only now, Maria has been able to overcome herself. She understands that there is still who to turn too and that there are people who will not judge, but will come to her aid and support. Only 15 years later, looking back at things, she understands her big mistake and her only regret is that she did not finish with all of it sooner.


At the beginning of June, Maria ended up in the hospital unconscious, due to three open wounds in the head and injuries on the neck, arm and coccyx. She woke up on the sidewalk all covered in blood, surrounded by medics and policemen. Maria spent five days in the hospital, after a week she had other injuries due to loose stitches in her head, that did not close up properly and caused an infection. Throughout this time, she was suffering from severe headaches, dizziness and vomiting caused by the concussion. While doing an x-ray, it revealed that she had an obstructed piece of food stuck in her esophagus from an operation she had a few years back. 


The police are currently investigating the attack. While the woman is undergoing various tests and psychiatric rehabilitation. 


Her financial situation is very complicated for many reasons. The woman's income is not enough to support herself and her child and since she does not yet have the status of a single mother, she is not entitled to alimony or any other payment. Of course her husband does not partake in their life in any way. Still, both the husband and the wife have shared accounts and obligations in the bank, but the husband does not receive payment in the white, so her income immediately goes to repay these obligations, which leaves her with no money left to live. Now, since the attack, it has been two months and she still has not been able to function normally.

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