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Dear friends!


This week a family contacted us, they really need our help in the sum of 2000 shekel.


The issue is that the wife until recently could not find a suitable job. Working in the childbirth field, she had to quit after having disagreements with her employer. Having many small children on her hands and living with her sick mother whom she has to care for, certainly limited her possibilities for work options. Hence, the family's income has been fairly modest in recent months. Yet, thank G-d, the wife has been able to find a job. Still, not everything is so simple, the entire family has been suddenly overtaken by a virus, and she has had to postpone going to work. 


A strong sickness affected her husband, resulting in him not being able to function for a week and a half. The husband's income depends entirely on the number of orders he performs, while he is off on sick leave he is not getting paid (esek patur).


So due to their difficult financial predicament, the family is now in a situation where they can not buy products for the upcoming Shabbos or pay a mandatory account. 

Thank you for being with us

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