When life is turned upside down

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"A month ago, I could not have even imagined that my life could change so much.


In February, I turned to the Yad Yitzhak Fund, believing that our family was facing serious financial problems that we were barely coping, yet, suddenly these difficulties do not even stand close to the true tribulations of cancer.  


On April 10, I learned that I had breast cancer. From that moment, my life turned upside down. 


I'll start at the beginning. My husband, children and I came to Israel about three years ago. We were officially issued citizenship 2 years before we actually moved, since we were still working abroad. Soon after moving, our youngest daughter was born, and after six weeks I was forced to go back to work. At the same time, I had to go to school to get licensed, so I could work in Israel, in my profession. The Ministry of Absorption does not cover the cost of my education due to my age, I do not fall in the proper categories to enter their program. My husband's move to Israel was harder, due to his lack of basic language skills and age. Of course, he tries his best, but the lack of a permanent job and jumping from one job to the next each month definitely effects the monthly income. As a way out of this mess, my husband started studying for a degree in order to establish himself at a more permanent and stable job in the near future.


We are in a great debt and we do not know how to pay for all that we have today.


So here I was diagnosed with this disease, while in the summer our son is supposed to be getting married and I just don't know what will be before then. 


At the moment, I have gone through certain medical examinations, some of which require payment. Though I have not yet been prescribed a specific treatment, I fear this unknown darkness, what it will mean for me and my family. I am so scared before it has even begun.


I am scared of the unknown, scared of the pain, scared for myself, scared for our young children, scared that I will not be around to see them grow up, scared that I won't be there to walk my son down the aisle (which is very soon!). But the thing with fear is once you recognize it and become of aware of its danger you can fight it. And I will, I will fight it till the very end! 


I really need your help and support.

G-d willing, I will win this fight and see my two-year-old baby grow up and get married!"


Yad Yitzhak Foundation organized a fundraiser for the K. Family to help them in this difficult period.


We are aware of the fact that Lea is relying on the state for support (at the moment it is in in the final stages of being finalized), but, unfortunately, this is just not enough. She needs additional funds for her treatment that are not included in the package deal. She is taking expensive supplements, as well as, some medications that are not covered completely by her insurance company. Our goal is to help Lea and provide her with the best treatment to get her all better!


Together we will help Lea conquer this disease!

Thank you for being with us

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