Even if a person has no relatives at all, he is not alone!

"She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her, and happy is every one that holdest her fast" (Mishlei 3:18)

Every year on the 6th of Sivan a Divine blessing descends into the world. Undoubtedly, this has a certain impact on a person, both body and soul. This abundance can cause a person to want to be more modest, merciful, patient and joyful. It helps a person find himself in his own aspirations and restore the proper proportions in achieving balance and harmony within. It helps to believe that it is all for the best, despite the grim reality.

Abundance is Torah. The root words of "Torah" are "Horeh" (parent) and "Morah" (teacher). Parents are the foundation for the child, it is them who set an example of how a person should be. Teachers teach us proper behavior, relay information and a give us a handbook of rules. Parents and teachers impart on us how to live life.

The Torah is our guide just like the 'main people' in our lives. Even if a person has no relatives at all, he is not alone, because the Torah shows him the way, it gives him hope and a task in life that only he can perform!

Happy Shavuos!


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