Take off your masks!

I'm sure many of you remember the famous joke of a patient sitting with his psychologist. He was offered many possibilities of classes, medications but all for naught. 

Finally the doctor said, "I would recommend that you go to see a great show downtown, a very popular comedian performs there, everyone who has been there laughs nonstop until they drop to the floor from laughing so hard. I think, it's worth a try."

The patient lifts his eyes up, full of despair, "Doctor, that comedian is me!"

Purim is approaching, and its famous tradition, the one we all know and love- dressing up in crazy costumes!

What is the reason for these costumes?

This tradition of Purim, contributes to the spiritual changes of a person, yet there is something else going on here, in its externality. What is held behind the secrecy of the mask?

Some argue that Purim is the only day of the year when we are "not dressed". We try on the image that we want to match or embody, the desired person that we could not become.

Purim- the time to look truth right in the eye. 

"A man can not be judged by his appearance, we must always look deeper." It is with this concept that our Sages wanted us to draw the parallel, hence, the tradition of dressing up.

Only we know the true face that lays behind the mask. Do we do everything like we're supposed to, what else needs changing or improving? Purim is a holiday of reflection and reassessing of our values. 'Revealing that which is hidden', is the central theme of Megillas Esther. 

Despite all its 'joking', Purim is in fact a very serious holiday. 

We sincerely wish, that in everyday life you are surrounded by as little 'masked people' as possible. And well Purim...what is Purim without costumes?

Happy Purim from Yad Yitzchok!


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