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We carefully check the information about those we help.
Data collection and analysis takes at least eight hours for each applicant. Only 1 or 2 people out of 10 are selected.
Verification procedure
The verification procedure includes:
  • Application analysis.
  • Verification of bank accounts. We look at how a person manages funds, whether he has loans, deposits or subsidies.
  • Verification of documents confirming the presence of medical problems.
  • Verification of documents regarding other problems that were stated in the appeal (letters from social services, lawyers, etc.).
  • Search for opportunities to receive (or increase) support from the state.
  • Consultation with independent specialists (doctors, lawyers, psychologists) if it necessary.
  • Discussion of the obtained data by the fund's collegium, their evaluation and decision-making.

Assistance can be provided depending on the underlying problem and the committee's opinion in the following ways.

The procedure for providing assistance

Often people are not aware of their rights or do not have information that can help them.
Assistance in the preparation of relevant documents for submitting an application to state bodies.
Involve specialists and volunteers who can help in solving the problem.
Organization of fundraising.
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