Yad Yitzhok fund


Yad Yitzhok - is an Israeli fund to help Russian-speaking families in need.

Yad Yitzhok fund constantly supports the neediest Russian immigrants. We take care of widows, widowers, disabled, pensioners, large families and single-parent families.

These are the main fields of our activity:

· Economic assistance to cover basic needs of poor Jewish families, such as electricity, water, heating, medicine, clothing, furniture, heating, etc.;

· Assistance to families of women who gave birth;

· Weekly economic assistance to cover Shabbat expenses;

· Wholly or partly payment of wedding expenses.

 Every Jew must help your neighbor.

The sages say - "All Jews are responsible for each other." One of the three pillars of the world is good, that is, the capacity for compassion - the criterion of the soul of morality. Helping one's neighbor, we become like Gd, who created the world in order to share their good. For centuries, Jews give for this purpose from 10% to 20% of their income - it is a donation in Judaism called "tzedakah." This distinguishes our nation from others, when we single family in which all need to help each other.

The uniqueness of Yad Yitzhok fund

Yad Yitzhok is unique among Russian-speaking organizations in Israel, as well as among many other Israeli charity organizations.

Most of Russian-speaking organizations in Israel are destined directly to kiruv (bringing the people closer to the Torah) and the spread of Torah. Undoubtedly, the mission of these institutions is extremely important, but Yad Yitzhok’s activity is equally important. Our fund has undertaken the task to support those who already study the Torah, as well as those who are in a crisis. Yad Yitzhok helps not only financially, but also morally.

Why is Yad Yitzhok unique among other charities? We know all of our wards in their faces. We communicate with them personally and come to their homes. We get familiar with their way of life and have a more detailed look at the situation. We try to both help each family by certain amount of money or food for Shabbat and consider all their problems and needs.

When dealing with young and healthy people, the fund helps those who want to change something in their lives and to achieve success and self-actualization.

We also help some of our wards to get a job. If Yad Yitzhok would have sufficient bankroll for the maintenance of its projects, we will be able to provide jobs for those who are in need.

Our wards need our help. By helping another, a person becomes like the G-d. Those who show mercy to their neighbor will be rewarded by mercy toward themselves from the Heaven.

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Yad Yitzhok fund

Autism is not a sentence!

What Happened?

We can make life children with autism easier.

Fund-raising Goal

Tablets with a special program for autistic children.

85 donors
3 079$ / 7 578$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Thank you for being with us!

What Happened?

The Fund needs your participation.

Fund-raising Goal

To continue its activities at the Fund!

107 donors
5 110$ / 8 572$
Yad Yitzhok fund


What Happened?

A project will work from donations.

Fund-raising Goal

The training will give to our wards a chance to change.

15 donors
611$ / 7 143$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Do not panic - help!

What Happened?

A lot of people are on unpaid leave.

Fund-raising Goal

Support the most vulnerable.

133 donors
7 504$ / 285 715$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Education project

What Happened?

The main reason for the need is caused by a lack of education.

Fund-raising Goal

Help in getting an education.

40 donors
1 353$ / 28 572$
Yad Yitzhok fund


What Happened?

Emergency help for the sick and disabled people

Fund-raising Goal

Assistance project is designed to help about 15 families

66 donors
2 505$ / 14 286$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Development of Yad Yitzhak Fund: we know how to turn $1 into 100 mitzvos!

What Happened?

In 5779, we would like to triple our Fund! Want to help us do triple the amount of good deeds? Become our partner!

Fund-raising Goal

Scaling and developing the Yad Yitzhak Fund.

109 donors
6 380$ / 285 714$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Project Materna

What Happened?

Purchase of "Materna" for kids from low-income families

Fund-raising Goal

In the coming month our goal is to help 20 babies

18 donors
1 572$ / 1 429$
Yad Yitzhok fund

Become a bear

What Happened?

״Soon it will be winter and the cold will come״

Fund-raising Goal

Help warm the hearts and homes.

32 donors
5 810$ / 28 571$

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