Many Russian-speaking families are seeking for help to arrange their children's bar-mitzvah.

Project "Bar Mitzvah" 

The "Bar-Mitzvah" project  was created to help pay for Bar-Mitzvah boys from low-income families. 

In preparation for the Bar-Mitzvah, the parents have a lot on their shoulders, high costs such as:

  • Tefillin – 6,000 NIS
  • Suit and hat– 1,000 NIS
  • Hall – 1,000 NIS
  • Catering – 4,000 NIS

Minimum budget for a Bar-Mitzvah is around 9000 NIS*

*For a very modest budget version of the celebration without musicians, decoration of the hall, etc.Understanding the importance of the Bar-Mitzvah day for the young man and his family, we try to help the needy family to spend this special day in dignity and for this we need your help. 

In total, about 11,000 shekels are needed for a full Bar-Mitzvah.

In this project we need help in making the Bar-Mitzvah in the following ways:

- assistance in the organization and payment of the Bar-Mitzvah

- the purchase of Tefillin for boys from low-income families


Teffilin for boys from needy families

What Happened?

Help in buying tefillin for boys

Fund-raising Goal

Assistance to low-income families

20 donors
672$ / 1 715$

Bar -Mitzvah arrangement

What Happened?

Many families are seeking help paying for their son's bar-mitzvah.

Fund-raising Goal

Help to arrange one bar-mitzvah

11 donors
149$ / 3 143$

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