Mother and сhild

Project “Motherhood”

Yad Yitzchok fund is looking for partners to support our unique project “Motherhood”.

The budget for this venture is only NIS 10,000 per month.

Project “Motherhood” arranges meals for families who just welcomed a brand new addition. During the first two weeks after the birth, our organization delivers freshly cooked meals for these families, in order to relief the new mom of the kitchen duty and allow her to get back to herself. Our projected goal is to support, in this way, over 15 families monthly.

At Yad Yitzchok, we  purchase ingredients (at wholesale prices), cook lunches and suppers, as well as Shabbat meals, and deliver the food. Simple and effective!

What’s​ the importance of this project?

It is common knowledge that mother – child  bond is established in the first month after childbirth. It is the time when nursing schedule is established. A stressful situation could potentially adversely affect both the child and the. That’s when Yad Yitzchok steps in and allows the new mom to concentrate on the most important task at hand, her new baby.

On a regular basis we're assisting tens of families in Jerusalem, Beitar and Kiryat Sefer.

We'd like to spread our reach further and that where your input comes in.

Would you like to volunteer your time or support the project financially? Join us  our efforts! Any and all help is welcome.

Together we're  power!

Mother and сhild

Looking for partners to support our unique project “Motherhood”

What Happened?

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Fund-raising Goal

10,000 shekel a month

178 donors
6 975$ / 2 858$

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