Women's Support Fund

Where to get strength, time, how to be at all and where looking for help, when you feel that you are not coping? There is an exit!


The modern woman is constantly under great pressure: she is the rock of the family, and the foundation of the home, she supports her children and her husband and is caring for her own parents. Her hands turn an empty room into a house full of joy and light for each of its inhabitants. In addition, she is not only an equal partner in providing the family with money, on her shoulders lie the upbringing of her children, the spiritual life of her family, and the building of relationships in the house.

And every woman has a big secret – she feels that she can not cope with this massive load. Many eternal questions arise: where do I get the strength, money and time for all of this? Leaving aside the most important question of all: where do I get the strength and time for myself, how can I cope and where can I get help?

A Fund for women started by women, facing the same issues, understand better than anyone else what a woman really needs in a difficult life situation.

We understand that there is not always strength and courage to turn to someone for help. We understand that we, women, are required to show the world a perfect picture of our lives in which we are successful, happy and can easily adjust to any given situation. Yet, we also know what truly lies behind the scenes: fatigue, hopelessness, pain, stress, powerlessness, tears and heartbreak- this is what really crushes us and fills our soul with despair.

We and our Foundation are here to tell you that there is a way out. Because we are ready to help you and your friends who are in a difficult situation.

What we can do for you:

  • talk and support you
  • watch the kids or bring a hot meal to free up some of your time so you can relax
  • help with cleaning the house
  • provide support in a divorce
  • help through a loss of a family member or relative
  • protect against physical and emotional abuse
  • organize a support group with other women like you
  • organize a charity fund for a wedding, treatment, or for a time of financial crisis
  • organize consultations with specialists, such as:
             - work with children (psychologists, tutors and consultants)
             - family consultants
             - lawyers
             - financial and banking consultants
             - career change consultants
             - spiritual consultants
  • and just being around for YOU!

Why we can do all this and more?

We have many years of experience in various Jewish funds involved in the support of people in difficult situations.
We have accumulated a large pool of specialists who are ready to help.
We are these same women, so we understand better than anyone how to help each other.
We are capable, caring and loyal and would love to help.
We will do everything possible to make you a stronger, calmer, more confident woman.
We know how to change lives for the better, because we are women, and this is our job.
Our Fund is also open to anyone who wants to help and feels good when they do so.


What do we mean by help?

Help is not just money. You can invest your time, strength and abilities:

  • you can prepare a hot lunch, or take a cooked lunch or purchased products to the addressee
  • you can sit with children, play, walk with them or do homework with them
  • you can do a manicure, photo shoot or something that can pamper our women
  • you can help clean the apartment or decorate the home
  • you can become one of our specialists, coordinators or assistants
  • you can make regular small donations that will give our Fund a stable source of funds for the purchase of clothes, dishes, products or consultants.

What else can you do?

You can take a look around you and see the woman who needs our help and give her our information. And perhaps it is you, who will save her in a time of difficulty and despair.

Women's Support Fund

WIN - Women in need

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Support for Jewish women in critical situations

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Fundraising to help wards of Yad Yitzchok

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