"Hachnassat Kallah" Project by "Yad Yitzchak" Fund

Hachnasat Kallah Project – is our program for helping the brides with their wedding needs. Our brides come from various backgrounds:  including orphaned and destitute, as well as those who lack familial support due to their conversion to Judaism.

In the four years since Yad Yitzchok started this project, we’ve helped numerous couples. Though some of those young grooms and brides descended from poor Israeli families, the bulk of our cases are recent immigrants from the small communities in the former Soviet Union territory.

"Hachnassat Kallah"  is distinctive from the general commandment of "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Vaikra 19:18; Avel 14:1 by the Rambam). It is listed among the commandments which benefit a person already during his lifetime. Specifically, one may be repayed, by the Omnipotent, through recuperation from a serious illness or by being saved from a harsh heavenly decree.

It is said in the Talmud and in Shulchan Aruch (Even ha-Ezer 65:1) that it is a great mitzvah to gladden the bride and groom. Understandably, each bride beautifies herself for the groom. Thus, helping a bride to pay for the hairdo, makeup, jewelry, dress rental, and wedding decor is the mitzvah of gladding the bride and groom. As a part of "Hachnassat Kallah" Project we established a wedding salon for the brides in need. Here the bride will get all her needs taken care of for free or at a significantly lower price. The wedding salon is also open to the general public, accepting paying customers. By using our services, our paying customers help to finance the budget of the hachnasat kallah salon and allow the poor brides to receive needed help with dignity.


The Hachnasat Kallah project.

What Happened?

The mitzvah, for which a person receives a reward in this world.

Fund-raising Goal

Help in organizing a wedding and arranging life for a new family.

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