Disabled bride, the groom is in a difficult position due to the crisis.

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A natural born Jew from Odessa, Aron, had heard about the Torah and mitzvot for the first time in his life at the age of 33. He hastily began to return to the roots, circumcised, started to observe the laws of the Torah and learned a lot.   Hence, he had to break-up with the non-Jewish past - habits, family, friends, which was very hard, but extremely important and necessary for a new real Jewish life!   This time, the Almighty prepared either a great gift and lot of complicated trials. It would almost impossible to pass it all thru, without strong support from Above, close friends and Torah, who all became a real ark in the "ocean of difficulties" for him.   Unfortunately, after 9 years of marriage, Aron had to divorce. With 2 small suitcases, without a family, property, car and money, he found himself alone in a room of a kosher hotel. Like in the movie. Why the movie?   Aron is a film producer with an impressive filmography. His company was very successful and had a lot of work. He was respectful businessman with strong business relations and clients. Business has been lucky for many years. It was easy and pleasant for a kind and generous person to help others, with many of who were about to start a family among them.   Though, Almighty could change everything in one day. The crises of 1998, 2008 and the 2020 epidemic have taught us this. After many years of success, need came...   The age, the falling business with its obligations, the constant "revolutionary" situation in Ukraine, along with the need to pay child support, were not the best circumstances in these times...   Aron makes a decision to repatriate and here, in Israel, "reload" his life and to build a new Jewish family. Like our father Abraham, an adult, who was supposed to settle in a new place, starting life practically from scratch.   Because "It’s bad for man to remain alone” and “changing place, changing mazal” – and one, who changed the settle, changes his destiny.     Shadkhan, introduced Aron to future bride. She is also baal tshuva, living in Israel with her son. Her life also wasn’t light – Aliya, new country, difficult oncology with operations, rehabilitation and disability, the work of a kindergarten teacher.   As experienced adults, they liked each other and decide not to postpone the wedding. Aron was offered a good job and everything went well. But ... as they say, “we assume, and the Almighty is resumes”. Instead of a good job and a new family, couple have got two-month quarantine and long separation. The wedding had to be postponed until July 2.   Only strong Faith in the Creator helps them not to lose hope and confidently lead to the great goals. Now again, It is planned that the new Jewish home, with Ashem’s help, will soon be filled with joy and children's laughter!
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