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The parents of the bride, moved to Israel while there were still teenagers, and they built a family here. It so happened, that their lives became intertwined with social obligations (that is why we are not mentioning their names), to build a Russian community in one of the cities in Israel.    When you build something from nothing and you see the first fruits of your labor, you just want to continue doing, so your deed only continues to flourish and grow. Building a community, is a not an easy task. Just like in any job, here too, it is necessary to pour ones heart and soul, and in the end all your strength will pay off, and a once upon hobby will turn into something more. There are many difficult moments when one thinks that all these actives are a burden, but looking back, retrospectively, it makes sense now and it all becomes worth it. When you realize there was nothing here before and now it has turned into a home, it's an overwhelming feeling.  Building a home in which people are happy to come to communicate, pray, grow, gain new knowledge and experience is exactly the kind of place we all want to be in. A place in which you do not need to care about worries and just be present with others that speak your language, that share your aspirations and interests, that are always there for you. In order, for a community to become your second home, it is absolutely necessary to support every one of its members in moments of joy and difficulty.   Meanwhile, this family continues to grow. Every child has needs and sometimes a child is born, that has special needs and requires more attention and strength than other children. This child also, undoubtedly, has more financial needs than the others. And this is exactly what happened to this family.    Over the past few years, the family has always used the minimum so they would not exceed their revenues, but to put aside a bit for later they could not manage to do. In a few days, their oldest child will get married, and its cost they can not handle on their own.    Together we can help organize this wedding and at the same time fulfill the mitzvah of "Hachnasas Kallah". 
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