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In the month Tishrei a number of requests for help to Yad Yitzhok increases dramatically. This is most probably the busiest time for us.  The need to take care of those in need increases significantly, therefor, at Yad Yitzchok we feel it is our duty to satisfy their needs as much as possible.   Nowadays, the money received from the ritual "Kaparot" is one of the most important sources of contribution to charity. "Kaparot", along with various donations from the partners of "Yad Yitzhok" are distributed among Russian-speaking families throughout Israel. Every case is a 100% mitzvah due to thorough background check!   Each of us does the ritual "Kaparot" between Rosh-aShan and Yom Kippur annually and each year chooses where to send the funds.   This year please choose Yad Yitzchok!   Why?   Yad Yitzhok cares for hundreds of people in need through a wide range of assistance programs, based on experience and decisions made by high-ranking rabbis.   "These coins will go to charity" - how does it work? The proceeds from the ritual "Kaparot" are transferred to the needy in the way of food parcels, coupons or checks.   We help large families, single-parent families, widows, orphans, disabled senior citizens, single soldiers and many others.   With the help of organized work of Yad Yitzhok’s team, the value of assistance that reaches the needy is much higher than the amount of the ״Kaparot״ ritual that we receive. In the course of many years we managed to establish cooperation with the leading food manufacturers and vegetable farms that supply products to Yad Yitzhok at wholesale prices, which increases the total value of the money received after the «Kaparot», as well as other donations received. This practice allows to provide bigger support.   The prayer that we read in time "Kaparot" is that the money we give to charity will be a pledge for a long and healthy life and peace!   THIS IS VERY SIMPLE!   If, "Kaparot" was done with a bird, the bird is shechted and the shchite money is transferred to the poor (in the amount of the cost of these chickens). And chickens are used for cooking in the family Shochet (Butcher). If "Kaporot" was made on money, they’re transferred to charity immediately.   You can donate "Kaparot" ONLINE through our website. Donation "Kaparot" ONLINE can be done in advance or right after the performed ritual. In this case you need to rotate corresponding amount of money above the head first, then donate this ONLINE. The bills that were rotated could be used as desired.  
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