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Foundation history
How did the Yad Yitzhok Foundation come about?
Our foundation was born in the heart of one generous man about 10 years ago. The foundation has been operating since 2014 officially but our founder had the idea of helping people much earlier. It so happened that life brought him together with those who really needed financial assistance. At the time, Aharon had no way of sharing the money, but he knew some good people businessmen who responded to his request.

This is how the volunteer movement appeared, which in just two years grew into a full-fledged charitable foundation.

Aharon Tzvi Bakhnarel
Founder of the Yad Yitzhok Foundation
About the founder
Aharon Tzvi Bakhnarel is a person who can't pass by those who need help. He personally went through all the difficulties of repatriation and knows how difficult life is when there is barely enough money for pasta, electricity is cut off for non-payment, and a gas tank for cooking seems like a luxury. What to say about the fact that after the birth of his first child his family could not buy even the necessary things for the child. He overcame all trials with God's help And he met many pious and kind people on his way. Now, under his command, a whole team of equally sensitive and open to other people's troubles volunteers and benefactors has gathered. The Foundation is his brainchild, which he develops and grows every day. Now our founder has set a new goal - to support all immigrants in absorption who have lived in the country for less than 10 years.
Foundation's tasks
General projects for the absorption of repatriates.
Improving financial literacy.
Getting a new education or a license to work in a specialty.
Social projects for the most vulnerable segments of the population.
Help for all Jewish holidays.
Humanitarian assistance from our sponsors.
Private projects.
A targeted solution to the problems of specific families that are faced with the difficulties of absorption.
We don't stand
Good deeds are what help us move forward!
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Charity in action

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